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How to Pre-plan Your Unique Funeral  

Every celebration in life should be as special and unique as the person being celebrated. When you commemorate your birthday, graduation, retirement, wedding, etc., you incorporate personal touches that are representative of your personality and the traits that make you, you. They are ways to share yourself and what makes you memorable with those you love. All this is no different when it comes to planning the celebration of your own life – your final goodbye.

Although the thought of your own funeral or memorial service may stir up feelings of unease or sadness, thinking about your own final arrangements and planning ahead for the inevitable can be a really positive thing. There are many ways to personalize your funeral and make it the most meaningful goodbye for your loved ones to look back fondly on memories together.

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The best way to ensure your funeral or memorial service incorporates your wishes is by pre-planning. Pre-planning is where you make all the decisions for your final arrangements beforehand, ensuring that your decisions will be carried out when the time comes and taking the burden off your loved ones during a time of stress and grief. Here are some things to think about when considering pre-planning your unique funeral:

1. Learn about the benefits of pre-planning

Advanced planning communicates your wishes to not only your chosen funeral home, but to your loved ones as well. That way they’re not left to make those decisions for you in their time of mourning, which many families find difficult to do. The gift of pre-planning also protects your family from higher costs in the future. When you pay for your arrangements in advance, your prices are locked in and protected from rising costs in the future. This can bring significant peace of mind to loved ones.

2. Explore your options.

This is a good time to open the subject of pre-planning with your loved ones and involve them by welcoming their input. With pre-planning, you give you and your loved ones plenty of time to explore what you truly want to be included in your funeral or memorial service. You can start by deciding whether you want to be buried or cremated, and whether you want a traditional funeral or personalized memorial service. Pre-planning can include choosing your final resting place, a pastor or other speakers, and other elements such as decorations, music, and photos or personal items to display. A dedicated funeral director will walk you through every step and make sure your wishes are documented and carried out. Learning about the funeral homes in your area also gives you the opportunity to research each and choose one ahead of time, rather than feeling rushed later.

3. Create lasting memories.

Your funeral or memorial service can be as simple or not so simple as you like. Here are a few ideas to make the occasion unique:

  • Choose a final resting place. Maybe you prefer to be interred in a specific cemetery or scattering garden, or next to your favorite mountain or lake. Or, if you’re interested in “green” or eco-friendly options, our team will help you explore those.
  • You can have a themed memorial. Maybe you want the theme to be your favorite hobby, book, movie, or color. You can incorporate a dress code for family and friends and plan for social activities before or after.
  • Plan a special ceremony such as a balloon, paper lantern, or butterfly release. Incorporate your heritage with cultural rituals or meaningful touches.
  • Plan for a small, personalized area off to the side where people can sit to think about memories together, share them in a scrapbook, or leave mementos for others to look at.
  • Personalize your casket or urn to look the way you want it to, and even write the program for your service.
  • Plan your own reception, whether it be in a place of worship, your favorite restaurant, park or art gallery, just to name a few. Maybe you want to end it with a firework display or a special song for everyone to listen to.

Whatever your personality and preferences, Bean Funeral Homes & Crematory is honored to help you plan your unique final arrangements. While a funeral is a time to gather in loss and grief, it’s also a time to celebrate an individual’s life. Each one of us is rare and unique, and we all deserve to be remembered in a way that truly reflects a life well lived. A funeral or memorial service is a tribute to honor your life, and planning for personal touches creates a meaningful goodbye that your loved ones will remember forever—one they will appreciate having taken care of for them, long before they have to think about it.

If you’d like to learn more about your pre-planning options or if you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 610-376-1129. and our experienced team will answer any questions you have and schedule a meeting with one our funeral directors. We have four locations near you in Hampden Heights, Shillington, Sinking Spring, and Exeter Township.

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