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Dignified Funeral and Cremation Services

These services may be added to Simple Cremation services.

Why Should the Funeral Home Be Involved in the Memorial Service?

Our Guarantee: We are so certain you will agree that it is a good decision to engage our services in conducting the memorial ceremony that we will reduce or remove the associated fee if you are dissatisfied in any way.

We aspire to facilitate a memorial ceremony that respects dignity and beauty. Survivors usually have so many things to cope with that our presence removes what could otherwise be a large burden to organize and oversee something so important.

Our professional funeral service staff will receive flowers that are sent to the mortuary, church, or other facility. We will photograph all oral tributes received and incorporate the images into the guest register book—this will assist you later with recalling the flowers present at the ceremony and with writing thank you acknowledgements.

We prepare a typed summary for clergy listing various details that pertain to the deceased and survivors as well as the ceremony. We arrive early and attractively display the oral tributes in accordance with religious customs and clergy preferences that may apply. We care for the cremated remains by transporting them in an urn ark and hearse. The urn ark accommodates four pallbearers at the church and/or graveside. We will assist with parking and direct people to the proper entrance of the facility where the services are held. We reserve and assist with seating.

We set up memorial registers for signatures, greet people as they enter, hold doors, guide them as needed and offer any printed materials such as memorial folders and order of the service. We will create a DVD to display special photos and we will display the DVD at the memorial service on a screen that we provide or that is provided by the host church/facility. We coordinate with musicians and clergy and prepare honorarium checks.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, we usher the service attendees. When one considers the importance of the memorial ceremony, we help to ensure that you, your family, and guests stay focused on each other’s needs rather than being burdened with the many details associated with the services.

Church Memorial Service

Simple, Convenient with Package Savings including*:

  • Staff to attend memorial service at church or other facility
  • DVD Video Tribute
  • Hearse
  • Guest Register
  • 50 Memorial Folders or Prayers Cards 
  • Urn Ark

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A ceremonial urn ark is available to provide special reverence for cremated remains and to accommodate pallbearers.

Graveside Service

Simple, Convenient with Package Savings including*:

  • Staff to attend graveside service
  • Hearse
  • 50 Memorial Folders or Prayers Cards
  • Urn Ark

A ceremonial urn ark is available to provide special reverence for cremated remains and to accommodate pallbearers.

*This Life by Beryl Martin™ Memorial Folders may be added for an additional fee

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a memorial service mean?

A memorial service is a planned gathering or event to pay tribute and remember the life of the deceased person, this service is often solemn and held days or weeks after burial or cremation.

What is the purpose of a memorial service?

Memorial service allows family and friends to mourn their loved ones and provide closure and comfort to those in mourning and enable the living to move forward.

What is the difference between a memorial service and a funeral service?

A funeral service is a service in which the body of the deceased is present in its full form whether it is a closed or open casket. While a memorial service is the absence of the body, but they can be represented as cremated remains or they are completely not there at all.

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