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Recent Obituaries

Name Death Date
William S. Auman, III10/28/2014
Dorothy I. Naus10/26/2014
Semerian B. "Boots" Brown, III10/25/2014
Joel G. Schaeffer10/25/2014
John L. Behm10/25/2014
Richard A. "Skip" Stoudt10/23/2014
Randy S. Schaeffer10/22/2014
John J. Heckman, Jr.10/20/2014
Helen Arones10/20/2014
Edward S. Crist, Sr.10/17/2014
Richard L. "Whitey" Boyer 10/15/2014
Mary E.Morris10/13/2014
Mary L. Koller10/12/2014
Robert A. Groh, Sr.10/08/2014
Earl V. "Yut" Auman, Jr.10/08/2014

Previous Obituaries

Name Death Date
Paul J. Gensemer10/04/2014
Brandon L. Lonaberger10/02/2014
Mildred M. Strunk10/02/2014
Raymond W. Patterson10/01/2014
Betty Jane Williams09/30/2014
Marion Spegman09/30/2014
Ruth A. Seidel09/29/2014
Jacqueline A.K. Brown09/28/2014
Catherine R. "Cass" Bickel09/27/2014
Robert C. Unger09/26/2014

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